I run groups for adults of all ages to explore the interests, challenges and dilemmas of our time, using the rituals of peer gathering.  That is, gathering with others who shared a common interest.  Here are some examples.


  • Writing authentically (Writing the Body);

  • Returning to yourself when you have become lost … perhaps in work or family life or an illness or … (Living at the Centre of Your Life);

  • Ageing (Growing Older: the Artistry and Studying of Ageing, Disabling and Eldering);

  • Uncovering the lost, unloved and shameful (Unveiling the Bitch), and some years ago

  • The return of the Howard government (Don’t Go Silent).


I use the action methods of JL Moreno, specifically Sociodrama, a systemic approach which brings together thinking, feeling and action in spontaneity and creativity with the whole group.


I am happy to discuss any ideas you may have.


New workshops will be posted here